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The complexity added to default function systems by distinguishing the Concord Index raises technical questions for the concept of feature matching (Danon 2013). Inwelchem Sinne are the typical features [Concord | Number] and [| index Number] and the untyped [number] function (on adjectives) “the same”? Some equivalence is necessary to ensure, for example, that a single morpheme can express one of the first two and that both can correspond to the third. One possibility is to make [number] (and therefore [sex] and [person]) a super-intelligence and a concord, and index its sub-fairies. Another possibility (proposed by Danon) is to authorize complex values, z.B. [Concord Number [sg]]. 15) AGREEMENT: This memorandum of understanding is the complete agreement between the two parties, unless it is amended in writing and signed by both parties. I guess the agreement will be implemented as a feature sharing. For models of argumentation and form in a minimalist setting, see Frampton and Gutmann (2006), Pesetsky and Torrego (2007), Rooryck and Vanden Wyngaerd (2011) and Danon (2011). An interesting question is the agreement on predictive adjectives and participations, categories that are not specified for [person]. If these elements correspond directly to the subject in nominal terms, they are expected to be able to target features of the concord.

However, if they first reach an agreement with the auxiliary protocol, they will be obliged to enter into an index agreement. Variation expected and may indeed be real (see Changesler and ZlatiĆ© 2003:53-56 and “The hierarchy of preachers” in Corbett 2006:230-233). Peter W. Smith. Collective (Say) Agreement. In Conference of the Student Organisation of Linguistics in Europe (ConSOLE) XX, Eds. Enrico Boone, Martin Kohlberger, and Maartje Schulpen, 229-253. Leiden: University of Leiden.

Smith, Peter W. To to appear. The syntax of the semantic agreement in British English. Ms., University of Connecticut. This analysis parallels the hybrid analysis of another class of D heads – relative pronouns – developed by Wechsler and ZlatiĆ© (2003:56-59). The relative serbo-Croatian pronoun koja “which (name) “, for example, describes intrinsic characteristics of the concord, but at the same time provides an index agreement between the name of the head and the predicate in the relative clause. Baker, Mark. 2008. The syntax of agreement and concord.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. The head of photography services starts at START DATE: , 2014.The head of photography services starts on the end date: , 2014 1) CET ACCORD, this _________day of____March___ , 2014, between JOHN LAZEAR, SOC (`DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY`) and `EXECUTIVE PRODUCER and producer` are jointly referred to in this document as PRODUCER COMPENSATION: In consideration of the services to be provided under this agreement, the Director of Photography becomes the Director of Photography the remunerations set by the collective agreement AICP/LOCAL 600 IATSE of 1998, which were worked during the period of USD 3200.00. The producer agrees to pay the director of photography for the performance of his obligations by the director of photography as part of this note, and taking full account of the agreements, representations and guarantees of PRODUCER above, to pay the following amounts in the following way: payment in advance until the date. This agreement replaces all other written or written agreements between the parties; and each party in this agreement acknowledges that no promise, inducement, promise or agreement, oral or otherwise, has been given by any party or other party acting on behalf of a party that is not materialized by it and that no other agreement, declaration or non-convention is valid or binding in this agreement. All disputes in this file are settled through arbitration proceedings.

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