Tenancy Agreement Singapore Diplomatic Clause

If the tenant occupied the premises for a minimum period of TWELVE (12) months, the tenant may exercise the diplomatic clause by informing the landlord in writing TWO (02) of the tenant`s intention to cancel the rent or rent of two (02) months instead of such termination, if the occupant of the premises and the tenant`s staff are invited by the tenant To leave Singapore permanently if he has a hiring of the occupant with that tenant is terminated for some reason. Provided the evidence is attached to the written notice, provided that the tenant indicates in this written notification the event invoked by the tenant. Any early termination that does not meet the conditions for the exercise of the diplomatic clause results in the forfeiture of the surety and the owner reserves the right to further compensate. The important point to note here is the minimum stay of 12 months. Most rental agreements have this minimum stay, as this naturally also serves to protect the interests of the owners. This actually means that you can only terminate every 14 months after 12 months in connection with the 2-month termination. The timing would therefore be a kind of: these clauses are crucial to protecting yourself as a tenant. If these clauses are not included in the lease, you are required to pay until the end of the rental period. However, the initial justification for the diplomatic clause proposed to a certain tenant (personal or organizational) is to allow that tenant to demonstrate the flexibility of an early termination in the first tenancy agreement (legally in out-of-control circumstances) and to extend the lease of a second term and if all other conditions remain exactly the same , with the exception of dates. , it is only fair for the tenant to “maintain” the diplomatic clause so that the first 12 months of stay are already respected.

It is also interesting to note that there are cases where an owner accepts a diplomatic clause for a one-year lease (or even 2).

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