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Point b.b. “section” is a typographical sign for reference to individually numbered sections of a document. it is often used when sections of a code of law are cited. [1] It is also known as the cut symbol, cut mark, double-s or Silcrow. [2] [3] The section sign itself is sometimes itself a symbol of the judicial system, much like the stick of The Asclepios is used to represent medicine. [Citation required] The Austrian Ministry of Justice temporarily used the symbol in its logo. It can also be used with footnotes, if the asterisk, the dagger † and the double of a page have already been used on a given page. It is customary to follow the section with a seamless space, so that the icon is kept with the section number quoted. [1] [7] (p212,233) Two possible origins are often established for the section sign: most likely that it is a ligation formed by the combination of two s-glyphs (from the Latin signum secti`ni). [9] [2] [10] [11] However, some scholars are skeptical of this statement. [12] In Brazil, the character can be used to represent paragraphs numbered according to the original paragraph (Latin: caput). [8] Others have the thesis that this is an adaptation of the ancient Greek paragraph[10], a generic term for a class of punctuation marks used by authors with different forms and uses. [13] Some keyboards contain special access possibilities: the character has the code point Unicode U-00A7 – SECTION SIGN and many platforms and languages have methods to reproduce it The modern form of drawing has been used since the 13th century.

[9]:226 In Jaroslav Hasek`s “The Good Soldier,” “bureaucracy” is constantly referred to as “bureaucracy.” In his 1930 English translation, Paul Selver translated it as a “bureaucracy.” The character is coded in Unicode in the form of U-00A7 – SECTION SIGN and HTML entities `sect;, `#167` or `#xa7`. The section is often used when it is referred to a particular section of a law code. In the Bluebook style, z.B “Title 16 of the U.S. Code Section 580p” is called “16 U.S.C. [4] The section symbol is often used at the same time as the Pilcrow (), also known as a “paragraph sign,” to refer a given paragraph in a section of a document. While the word “paragraph” is generally read as a word section in English, many other languages use the word “paragraph” exclusively to refer to a section of a document (especially the legal text) and use other words to describe a paragraph in the English sense. Therefore, in these cases, it can be read as a paragraph and sometimes referred to as a “paragraph sign,” but it is a description of its use, not a formal name. [5] [6] When duplicated, it is read as “sections” of the plural. For example, the character “-13-21” would be read as “sections 13 to 21,” much like S. (pages) of the plural of p., which means page.

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