About Us

Segovia’s Mobile Auto Detailing

With a strong employee base exhibiting an exceptional array of detailing services spanning from fleet account services, complete detailing services, shampooing carpets, oxidation removal, over spray removal, polishing and waxing, minor scratch removal, engine cleaning, and aluminum polishing, Segovia’s Detailing is unparalleled in it’s class.

Created in 2000 by Jesse  Segovia, Segovia’s Detailing was started straight out of the family’s home garage. Growing up, Jesse took pride in detailing his parent’s cars on the weekends purely for recreation. The attentive regard to detail carried over to his own car once he was old enough to own one for himself. The appreciation of one’s vehicle being a celebrated investment prompted Jesse to expand to a mobile detailing service.

The success of Segovia’s Detailing is a product of the quality and care that is given to each and every vehicle. Every vehicle is cared for and treated as if it where our own.