Asuu Agreement With Fg

However, he said the union would be willing to serve as volunteers throughout the coronavirus crisis to work with medical and paramedics involved in the fight against the scourge. These are some of the agreements that were reached at today`s meeting. The Minister of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige, told reporters that the Federation`s General Accountant (AGF) has proposed releasing N40 billion or, in the alternative, N35 billion, which would be shared by all unions registered in universities after providing the necessary proof that he had won the aid. “Then there is the issue of renegotiating this 2009 agreement, signed in this agreement, must be reviewed every three years, but it has not been verified since it was signed in 2009. She quoted a source within the university union as saying that ASUU insisted that the strike cancellation agreement not be disclosed until it was approved by its members. Our members, who are sufficiently informed about our fights, know what we are fighting for. The Memorandum of Understanding signed with the government on 7 February 2019 has attached timetables for the implementation of certain points. According to ASUU National President Professor Abiodun Ogunyemi, lecturers would not return to work because the strike was not just a matter of IPPIS; However, the payment of wages will pave the way for a judicious dialogue with the federal government. In order to update this directive, you are asked not to release funds for the payment of salaries to tertiary institutions, since their salaries will be paid on the IPPIS platform from January 2020. It is established that the federal government has decided to terminate its enforcement mechanism for one month in order to ensure that regulatory issues have been resolved. The federal government and the Academic Union of Universities (ASUU) have yet to agree on union demands. In a speech on Tuesday after a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja`s presidential villa, Ngige said the integrity test was being carried out by the Nigerian Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA). This is due to the fact that ASUU members, who have continued their 10-month strike, are due to resume negotiations with the federal government on Friday, November 20, 2020.

Professor Abiodun was also outraged by the FG`s request that teachers submit their bank verification numbers (BVN) as part of the terms of payment of their salaries in February and March. He previously stated that ASUU members were paid without asking for their BVN, so the union suspects that this is an indirect way to bring ASUU back to IPPIS. It`s really frustrating. Play with the future of students. You probably don`t care (FG/ASUU) because your children will probably study abroad while we suffer from your childhood here. Do you remember us students? It is not fair, please, just call the strike so that we can resume as soon as possible: “We will not do it. And if they withhold our wages, there is a constant education that we do not appear at work one day after the last day of the month,” he said. The report also stated that ASUU should make the agreement known to its bodies and announce its decision to the government by announcing the date of the strike`s revotion. The Minister also noted that the government has begun the UTAS review process, with ASUU members claiming to have the characteristics of university systems.