Agreement Courses

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers a number of Bachelor`s and Master`s programs in English for each degree. A training agreement is actually a document that defines the nature of your internship or internship. It is issued by your current or former university or by your educational institution and serves to prove that the internship is part of your studies and training. The agreement is signed by the sending institution (university), the receiving company and you, the intern. The internship in Spain cannot and does not offer training agreements; It is just a news article. All programs at the University of Antwerp are measured using ECTS points. For all courses is allocated a number of credits that reflect the time it takes for an average student to take the course and complete it. Credit is the sum of all study activities for a course: courses, seminars, internships, study periods, exam preparation, writing essays, etc. A credit represents 25 to 30 hours of total study. A full-time year of study is 60 credits (30 credits per semester), which corresponds to a workload of about 1500 to 1800 hours for students. Individual students may be different from this level depending on their skills, skills, prior knowledge, and efforts. Important note: Since 31.08.2019, you do not need a training contract signed by a university to do an internship in Spain if you are a student or graduate no more than 2 years ago and if your internship in your field of study is completed.

You are therefore in law if:1) you are a university or master`s student and you wish to do an internship or have graduated 2 years ago.2) The internship is related in one way or another to your training or background. FOR MORE INFORMATIONS: IS A FORMATION ACCORD? You can find an overview of all the courses and projects on the site. Some master`s courses in biochemistry and biotechnology are taught in English. Sign up for a specialization to master a certain professional qualification. You take a number of rigorous courses, prepare practical projects and receive a certificate of specialization that you can share with your professional network and potential employers. This free online course is for anyone who wants to better understand what is happening in business relationships and the process of managing contractual agreements. Take part in free online contract courses and courses to develop your skills and advance your career. Learn contracts and other needs-based subjects with courses from universities and high-end institutions around the world on edX. Their university or educational institution should provide their own.

If they don`t have a model, they can be inspired or follow some of these models from third-party offices. Here are some examples of official institution training agreements-Erasmus During the application process, you should formulate a specific curriculum. To approve this program of study, you must establish an apprenticeship agreement. The learning agreement includes the courses you want to take and the ectS points you are awarded.