Wisconsin Self Storage Rental Agreement

704.90 (3) (c) c) If the lease contains a limit on the value of the property stored in the tenant`s warehouse, the limit is considered to be the maximum value of the property stored in that space. 704.90 (6) (a)8. 8. The sale takes place in the self-service warehouse, in the self-service storage unit or at the nearest appropriate location to the place where the personal property is stored. 704.90 (4r) (4r) (b) b) After the end, expiry or any other means of a rental agreement for the use of rental space by a tenant, an operator may remove the remaining personal property in the rental space and retain the personal property on another site or outside the self-service storage space or transfer the self-service storage unit to another location. , or the operator may continue to retain personal property in the rental room and the operator may refuse access to the former tenant`s personal property until the tenant dered the personal property covered in point 5 a). The operator may charge a reasonable rent for the storage of the personal property, either in another location or in the rental space. A former tenant who does not pay the rent is subject to all the procedures and remedies set out in this late payment section. 704.90 (3) Link and termination in the lease. 704.90 (4g) (4g) Delay or default after the end. A tenant who delays or does not pay the rent for the storage of abandoned personal property after the termination of the tenancy agreement is subject to the procedures and recourse in the subs.

(4r) to (9) and (12). 704.90 (2m) (2m) Written rental agreement. Any tenancy agreement must be made in writing and include a provision allowing the tenant to indicate the name and last known address of a person who, in addition to the tenant, must declare the operator in point 5 (b) 1. If the rental agreement contains a provision limiting the value of the property stored in the rental room, this provision is in bold or emphasized in the same size as the rest of the contract. 704.90 (a) An operator has a right of bet for all personal property stored in a rental room and other personal property-related expenses, including the cost of preservation, withdrawal, storage, preparation for sale and sale of personal property.