Tripartite Agreement Mepc

In accordance with the decision taken by the Committee for the Protection of the Marine Environment at its 56th session, important information on all new preliminary tripartite agreements that have been concluded by IMO will be presented on the site. According to the information provided above, the tripartite agreements that have been concluded since the last letter mepc.2/circular, as well as the possible modified entries, must be included in the adjacent thematic list under the Reports subsection. The objective of this measure is to close the time gap that may exist between the conclusion of a tripartite agreement and its publication in circular MEPC.2 (issued in December of each year), since during this period no new interested party knows that a specific tripartite agreement has been concluded. In addition, the list of websites can also be used to highlight the recent significant change to a pre-established tripartite agreement in the MEPC circular.2. With respect to the information provided for the tripartite agreements covered in the mepc.2/circular lists 1, 3 and 4, the product name, country of deposit and list number are indicated, while for the evaluations closed in list 2, the name of the product, the name, the n.a./registration number and the reporting country are indicated.