Sag Modification Dubbing Agreement

Netflix and SAG-AFTRA announced Saturday that they have reached an agreement that would expand the reach of workers covered by their contracts to include those involved in synchronizing foreign language films in English and performing capture work. The pact is the first of its kind between the actors` union and the streaming giant, which had previously followed the terms of the union`s main network code contract but did not have a comprehensive agreement with SAG-AFTRA. Netflix is not a member of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, a trade group that negotiates on behalf of major studios and production companies. Netflix has taken another step to strengthen its Hollywood registration information by signing a landmark agreement with the union representing Hollywood actors and other actors. The three-year contract also applies minimum wages and rotation rules for all Netflix programs and gives Netflix greater flexibility in planning day artists and guest stars in episodic series. It also improves theatrical balance payments for DE-AFTRA members (the fees paid when replaying movies) for more budgeted Netflix movies. “We are always striving to adapt and grow in the changing environment of our industry,” Gabrielle Carteris, president of SAG-AFTRA, said in a statement. “This revolutionary agreement makes the case for it.” Get the best stories of the day in Hollywood, movies, tv, music, art, culture and more. Netflix has increased the number of foreign language programs as the company seeks to expand its global audience in countries such as India. Earlier this week, Netflix reported that the number of its U.S.

subscribers had fallen by 130,000 customers, a significant decline not seen since 2011. Netflix, one of Los Angeles` largest office tenants, is working to strengthen ties with Hollywood. Los Gatos is trying to buy the Egyptian Theatre from the American Cinematheque to love filmmakers. Earlier this year, Netflix joined motion Picture Assn. America. In other areas, the Board of Directors also announced that the union would apply guidelines for privacy coordinators.